Our family started Houston Remediation Specialists, because we found other companies in our area were often cutting corners when it came to remediation. Because we have experienced this first hand, we are passionate about our customers and have a high degree of integrity to remediate the right way - every time. Sadly, many companies in this industry simply do not put the time and resources toward remediation, specifically.  Your experience could be a constantly changing specialist in your home, to those specialists being pulled into other jobs - primarily water damage and restoration. This practice often leaves you, the customer, feeling like your issues are put on the back burner. That is why, since our inception, Houston Remediation Specialists has been committed to our customers first and foremost. We are family owned and operated and put the focus on YOU.

At HRS we work with local mold inspectors and continue to educate ourselves on our industry.  Our employees and owners have the highest level of certifications, have passed stringent background checks and are tested on their integrity. We are bonded and insured to protect you and your valuable assets. 


Rest assured our mold specialist teams have years of experience in mold remediation.  Unlike many Houston area companies, we focus on REMEDIATION ONLY, ensuring YOUR repairs are completed on time, on budget and to your complete satisfaction. Every time.      ​

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